Feeling unhoppy? It's time to kermit to a new friendship with your own toadally awesome TOAD.PNG!

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  • No Gas Fees: TOAD.PNG NFTs do not require any gas fees for buyers and resellers as they are built with the Polygon blockchain, saving up to $240 per transaction on OpenSea.

  • Decentralized: All TOAD.PNG metadata is written directly on the blockchain and assets are stored on the decentralized IPFS network, ensuring that these NFTs “live forever” and can not be deleted by anybody.

  • Extreme Uniqueness: TOAD.PNG features a massive number of swappable assets that provide tens of millions of possible combinations. But, out of 28.6 million possible combinations, only 10,000 TOAD.PNGs will be minted – or, 0.03% of the possibilities.

  • RPG Game-like Rarity Design: Each TOAD.PNG is generated according to Dungeons & Dragons-esque probabilities of each asset appearing. In addition, there are five tiers of rarity – Common, Uncommon, Rare, Legendary, and Exotic, that increase in "classiness" but decrease in number of available NFTs.

  • Bringing the Weird: ARTBAD's graphics stand out because of Z's excellence as an illustrator when compared to other similar NFT projects. ARTBAD's site features Halloween-ish horror graphics, and TOAD.PNG's assets feature such kinky and hilarious oddities as gimp masks, juggalo makeup, and nipple tassels.

  • Exotic Drops: The Exotic rarity tier features bespoke toads that are made from scratch with no reused assets and pop culture references.

Rarity details

There are 10,000 toads in total, and they all share the same likelihood of having the following features:



In the Common Toad category, there are 7,620,480 total possible combinations of features, of which 6,000 will be generated.

Common Toads may not live charmed lives, and sometimes have to struggle, but they are down to chill and always up for a good time.

Common Toads all feature a "rustic wood" picture frame. Common Toads have the following likelihoods for the listed features:

Clothing Likelihood
Nothing 25%
Stained Tank 25%
Peasant Shirt 25%
Blue Hoodie 12%
Brown Hoodie 13%
Background Likelihood
Dusk 25%
Graffiti Wall 25%
Iceberg 25%
Desert 25%
Skin color Likelihood
Green 34%
Brown 25%
Grey 21%
Cobalt 20%
Prop Likelihood
Popcorn 10%
Root Beer 10%
Nothing 80%
Facial features Likelihood
Moustache 3%
Joint 10%
Nothing 87%
Accessories Likelihood
Dog Collar 5%
Yellow Scarf 2%
Red Scarf 2%
Purple Scarf 2%
Orange Scarf 2%
Nothing 87%


In the Uncommon Toad category, there are 11,557,728 total possible combinations of features, of which 2,400 will be generated.

Uncommon Toads are growing up and learning to express themselves, and are in the process of figuring out what they're into and what works for them.

Uncommon Toads feature a black picture frame. Uncommon Toads have the following likelihoods for the listed features:

Prop Likelihood
Cake 10%
Lollipop 10%
Nothing 80%
Background Likelihood
Prehistoric 34%
Dark Woods 33%
Pirate Ship 33%
Skin color Likelihood
Orange 34%
Purple 33%
Red 33%
Facial features Likelihood
Bubblegum 5%
Nothing 95%


In the Rare Toad category, there are 8,176,896 total possible combinations of features, of which 1,100 will be generated.

Rare Toads are hustlers who work hard and play hard. They have interesting hidden lives that they fund with good-paying jobs.

Rare Toads feature a silver picture frame. Rare Toads have the following likelihoods for the listed features:

Prop Likelihood
Pink Guitar 10%
Katana 10%
Nothing 80%
Facial features Likelihood
Pig Nose 5%
Nothing 95%
Background Likelihood
Bedroom 34%
Cherry Blossoms 33%
Dungeon 33%
Skin color Likelihood
Mint 34%
Cerulean 33%
Pink 33%
Accessories Likelihood
Gimp Mask 10%
Iron Jaw 3%
Gold Jaw 2%
Nothing 85%


In the Legendary Toad category, there are 1,270,080 total possible combinations of features, of which 500 will be generated.

Legendary Toads are social elites -- occupants of high society. They are influential, powerful, and privileged. Crossing them or messing with them is not advisable.

Legendary Toads feature a gold picture frame. Legendary Toads have the following likelihoods for the listed features.

Hair and headwear Likelihood
Top Hat 13%
Crown 12%
Fire Element 10%
Earth Element 10%
Water Element 10%
Air Element 10%
Nothing 35%
Prop Likelihood
Gold Guitar 5%
Laptop 10%
Nothing 95%
Background Likelihood
Vaporwave 34%
Weed 420 33%
Rainbow 33%
Skin color Likelihood
Charcoal 34%
White 33%
Gold 33%
Facial features Likelihood
Cigar 10%
Nothing 90%
Accessories Likelihood
Headphones 10%
Necklace 20%
Nothing 70%


Exotic toads are one of a kind and made from scratch. Every aspect of Exotic toads is unique, from the skin to the background to the accessories to the facial features, and will only be used one time, on that Exotic toad.

Exotic toads are dropped whenever Z completes a (usually hilarious and totally weird) concept.


And he is: Gi-Hun from Squid Game!


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